STEP BY STEP

    • Paint the table white - 2-3 coats.
    • Use masking tape as a guide, paint broad stripes with diluted Bright Blue paint. Do the same in the opposite direction, creating large blocks.
    • Stamp a design in the centre of each block, using the diluted Bright Blue paint.
    • When dry, create a crackled effect over the whole table, using Antique Crackle Basecoat and Top Coat and Magic Touch. Follow the instructions for Antique Crackle.
    • Seal the table with PU-7 Varnish.
    • A tray from the Heritage wooden decoupage items range
    • Liquid Glass pack
  • Always wash craft rubber stamps immediately in water after use.
  • Apply paint to the craft rubber stamp using a small sponge roller or a sponge applicator. Do not apply too much paint. Practise a few stamps on paper before proceeding with your project.
  • Seal the project with Hard Varnish. If you are using Antique Crackle over the craft rubber stamps, seal the project with solvent-based PU-7 varnish.