Decoupage : Tulip Cushion

  •            YOU WILL NEED
    • Pre-washed cotton fabric
    • Bonny's Fabric Paint (Opaque White, Primrose Yellow & Orange)
    • Sponge
    • Bottle with long spout (like an empty Dazzle bottle), or syringe with long spout
    • Tulip motifs cut from paper serviettes
    • Small stamp with diamond motif
    Mix a little Opaque White and primrose Yellow Bonny's Fabric Paint , and add a litle water to the mixture. Paint the fabric with a sponge, creating little "clouds", or using circular movements. Dab on unthinned primrose Yellow here and there, to create a washed look.
  • Pour a little Opaque White into a bottle or syringe with a long spout, and draw big swirls on the washed background. Wor fast and apply light pressure on the bottle or syringe to create an even line.
  • Stamp a diamond border around the swirls with Orange Bonny's Fabric Paint - dip the stamp lightly into the lid of the bottle; stamp the design on a piece of paper first to get rid of any excess paint.
  • Decide where the tulips should go, and follow the instructions for Napkin Podge on the previous page.
  • Trim the fabric and make the cushion cover. Wash gently when necessary.