Decoupage : Rosy Letter Rack Instructions

            YOU WILL NEED
    • A wooden letter rack from the Heritage range of unfinished wooden items
    • Metallic Colour (colour: Pure Gold)
    • A piece of gift wrap with rose motif, or choose a floral design from the Finmark range of Decoupage papers
    • Modge Podge (gloss/satin/matt)
    • Hard Varnish(gloss)
    • Decoupage brush and roller (for the Modge Podge)
    • Sponge applicator/soft brush (for varnishing)
            STEP BY STEP
    • Decide which parts of the letter rack should be painted, and which parts you would like to decoupage.
    • Follow the instructions for decoupage above (for the parts where you want the floral motif).
    • Then paint with Metallic Colour (Pure Gold) 2-3 coats (the part where you are not going to decoupage).
    Paint the object with Craft Acrylic paint. When dry, apply a thin coat of Modge Podge over the painted surface with a sponge applicator or a paint brush. Use Modge Podge if you are not sealing the object with a glossy varnish afterwards. If you are not sealing the object, and you require a matt or satin finish, use Modge Podge Satin or Matt. Paint in one direction only. Allow to dry. If you require a decoupage finish with a hint of colour, substitute the Modge Podge for any of the colours in the new Antique Podge range - you then follow the instructions using Antique Podge instead of Modge Podge.
  • Cut out the motif or picture very carefully with a craft knife or a pair of scissors.
  • With a sponge applicator or decoupage brush, apply a generous amount of Modge Podge to the back of your print, ensuring that the entire surface is covered. Alternatively, you could apply a generous amount of Modge Podge directly onto the painted item, covering an area slightly bigger than the cut-out picture, in the position you wish to glue your picture. The last method works well when you are using motifs or pictures cut from a paper serviette. If you apply Modge Podge to the paper serviette picture, it will tear easily.
  • Position the motif very carefully. (Do not press it down at this stage).
    Lift half of the picture and with a decoupage roller start smoothing out all the air bubbles. Very gently, (on the part of the picture that is flat) start rolling from the centre outwards. When you are satisfied that there are no more air bubbles, lower the rest of your print and start rolling out air bubbles from the centre again.
    Start smoothing down the picture from the centre outwards with your fingers and/or a decoupage brush. Work extremely carefully,as the serviette will tear easily. Apply more Modge Podge over the picture and keep smoothing out all the air bubbles.
    Once the picture is in place and smoothed out, remove excess Modge Podge with a damp sponge or cloth. Allow item to dry well. Any remaining air bubbles can be pricked with a pin to release air. Roll once again with decoupage roller.
    Once the air bubbles have been smoothed out, allow the item to dry well. Apply approximately 10 thin coats of Modge Podge to entire surface of your wooden item. Apply each coat in an opposite direction, i.e. one coat horizontally and the next coat vertically. Always allow Modge Podge to dry well between each coat.
  • Gently sand the entire Modge Podge area with 1200 grit water paper,available at hardware stores. Dip the water paper into water and sand the decoupaged area gently.
  • Apply another 4-5 layers of Modge Podge and sand again. Continue until you are satisfied that the print is totally embedded in the Modge Podge.
  • Wash your equipment in water.
  • Apply 2-3 layers of the water-based Polyurethane Hard Varnish (hi-gloss/matt) to seal the surface.
    Modge Podge Matt, Modge Podge satin, Antique Podge in 7 colours.