Company background

BRASCH HOBBY is a national distributor of Crafts & related products. We manufacture and distribute GENUINE HERITAGE CRAFT products. Brasch Hobby was established in 1902 and is based in Selby, Johannesburg.

Genuine Heritage Craft Products

Brasch Hobby delivers high quality GENUINE HERITAGE CRAFT products and service to our retail customers, and in doing so, play a part in all stages of this process including research and development, manufacturing, distributing and marketing. This has resulted in GENUINE HERITAGE CRAFT products achieving the greatest market share in South Africa as well as INTERNATIONAL acclaim.

Over the years, HERITAGE has produced a variety of products. Many have been driven by current trends such as NAPKIN PODGE & LIQUID GLASS. Other products such as MODGE PODGE and CRAFT PAINTS are timeless. As trends have come and gone, the versatility of these products has allowed them to grow stronger throughout the years.

Other Products

Not only do we distribute GENUINE HERITAGE CRAFT products, we also sell the entire range of complimentary products, tools and accessories that allow you the crafter to experiment and make diverse and original creations. Brasch has realised that our consumers are looking for inspiration and instruction, therefore have just produced the second project book.